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Product Code: IGED1174
  • Brand: Peg-perego
  • Age Group: 6 months and up
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The electric car with SMART Bluetooth® technology for the coolest little girls.
Created in collaboration with FCA, Fiat 500 Star Remote Control is a remote-controlled electric car that allows you to drive the vehicle and take your child out and about in full safety and comfort. Thanks to the SMART Bluetooth® technology, you can guide your electric car without interference from other vehicles or external commands such as electric gates; you can even organise competitions with other "young drivers"!
Fiat 500 Star Remote Control works with a 6 volt rechargeable battery. It is suitable for children aged 1 year and up, and will accompany their growth thanks to the large cockpit.
Studied down to the smallest detail, it is sure not to go unnoticed, with its bright pink colouring and an all-important touch of glittery glamour! Fiat 500 Star Remote Control hurtles along at a maximum speed of approximately 4 km/h, and is also available in the Fiat 500 S Remote Control version
Fiat 500 Star Remote Control can be driven either manually or by SMART Bluetooth® remote control. You can use the easy drive remote control to entertain your child by driving the car in her place or when she has not yet learnt to drive on her own. As she grows, you can let her drive independently.
This amazing car also comes with power-assisted steering. A technological gem hidden from sight that allows your child to manoeuvre the car with electronically power-assisted steering. The advantage? The steering wheel is softer and turns effortlessly - which is important, considering the young age of the driver.
Fiat 500 Star Remote Control offers unique, great quality features: a comfortable and enveloping seat, bodywork with tall walls to protect your child, and safety belts for utmost safety. The wheels with tread provide superior grip. As a result, the car can be driven on asphalt, cement and tiles. The wide wheel alignment and rear spoiler give the car a plucky look.
The vehicle features many details: the dashboard and seat are photoengraved for a realistic leather effect, and a mat design has been recreated on the floor of the vehicle. The steering wheel features all the controls of a real car and the horn hoots just like the original Fiat 500!
Peg Perego's care and attention to detail are also visible in the plastic parts machined and forged to create reliefs, shapes and plays of light and shadow that reproduce the effect of grilles and parts that are generally created with coloured stickers.
Rear-view mirrors, a front grille, a dashboard, wheel rims, a large tinted windscreen and door handles add a touch of style and elegance.The car comes complete with a glove compartment where you can also store the SMART Bluetooth® remote control.
Driving Fiat 500 Star Remote Control independently is extremely easy thanks to the “All in one” technology. The accelerator pedal, when released, becomes a brake that stops the vehicle automatically. The gear stick drives the car both forwards and backwards. Fiat 500 Star Remote Control is completely manufactured and assembled in Italy by Peg Perego which guarantees its high quality and durability.
The characteristics of Fiat 500 Star Remote Control meet the needs of the most demanding drivers. The lights and indicators reflect the light, giving the impression of being turned on. The lights echo those of the real Fiat 500 and are embossed to increases their reflective power, for a more realistic look.
The battery is located under the seat, while the bonnet conceals an engine split into 3 parts to have fun playing the mechanic. This fun interlocking mechanism offers a tactile as well as a playful experience.
The quality of Peg Perego products is reflected in the details that guarantee safety. Fiat 500 Star Remote Control comes with a sealed base to protect the driver from electrical wires and tampering, and to protect the vehicle from water, mud and sand.
The 6V/4.5Ah battery, located in the compartment under the seat, is protected by a child-proof battery lock. The battery can be recharged using a common household socket, either in or out of the vehicle. Comes equipped with battery and battery charger.
One-seater vehicle.
Working horn, enveloping seat, wheel treads, tinted windscreen, glove compartment, reflective lights and indicators, opening bonnet, fake engine with an interlocking mechanism.
Suitable from 1+ years
Slope capacity 5%
Brake "All in one" with accelerator pedal/electric brake.
Safety belts: 1 width-adjustable waist strap.
Battery duration 75 min.
Speed in 1st gear 3.7 km/h - 2.3 MPH
Speed in reverse gear 3.7 km/h - 2.3 MPH
Size 75.5 cm x 112.5 cm x 58 cm - 29.6”x 44.3”x 22.8”
Weight 14.9 kg - 32.78 lbs
Maximum transportable weight*2 25 kg - 55 lbs
Compliance with European Safety Regulations for toys (safety pre-requisite set by the EEC Commission). These vehicles are also certified by toy safety authorities under directive 2009/48/EC. They do not comply with regulations for travel on roads and cannot be used on public roads.