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Rainbow Rest Mats-Blue,Green,Red
Product Code: CF350-019
  • Brand: The Childrens Factory
  • Age Group: 1 years and up
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Product Name: Rainbow Rest Mats-Blue,Green,Red
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Blue Rainbow Rest Mat - Sewn Vinyl Heavy duty flame retardant soft vinyl over resilient foam. Hygienic wipe-clean surface. Heavy duty clear pocket for name tag. SIZE 120 X 60 X 5 CM

an easy way to have an organized and comfy nap time for classrooms and daycare facilities. The heavy duty flame retardant, soft vinyl material will last for years to come. The vinyl covers high quality resilient foam that will not lose its shape or comfort. Set comes with five different colors that will have your little tots eager to choose a mat and rest.

Parents and child care will be at ease knowing that each rest mat is covered with hygienic, wipe-clean approved surface. Welcome these rest mats for more than just nap-time or rest time. You can bring the mats out for indoor picnics, movie time and more!

Each mat comes complete with a heavy duty clear pocket to store the child's or facilities name tag. These rest mats are lightweight yet comfortable and a snap to set up when you need them.