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Cubby Houses

Plastic Lerado Lovely Games Room Cubby Houses for Sale

Do you have lifelong memories of playing in your very own cubby house or tree house when you were a small child? A haven for you and your friends to play in to your hearts content and imagine stories of princesses and kings or fairies and sprites or even playing mummy and daddy. A plastic cubby house is a marvellous idea for any child to increase the development of their creative brain and teach them the independence of having their very own space.

Colourful cubbies for adventurous kids

PlaySafe Kids stocks top-of-the-line plastic cubby houses and kids’ activity climbers for kids who are ready to develop a number of useful life skills, such as the art of housekeeping and behaving in a disciplined manner at home without messing things up! They also learn the importance of cleanliness, which helps them to arrange all their belongings in an organised manner, be it their study books, bags, apparel, shoes or toys.

Each play gym in our stock can be easily installed on your home lawn, garden or deck area adjacent to the ground. 

They are all made of the finest materials – premium plastic, free of small parts, sharp angles, rough edges and harmful chemicals – to keep even the smallest child safe. 

PlaySafe Kids in Sydney provide the public with well-established, top brands such as Little Tikes, Step2 Toys, kids ride on cars, Lerado, the NP Woodland Climber more from Australia and overseas. This means you’re being buying from the best in the business when it comes to manufacturing products for little kids. 

Safe, secure and fun!

Now, we know what you’re thinking – sure the cubby house is safe, but how long is it going to take to assemble? Am I even going to be able to get it up? Will I have to hire someone to do it for me?

  1. It will not take long to put up your cubby house!
  2. Yes, you will be able to assemble it very easily.
  3. We highly doubt you will have to hire someone to put it up for you.

Trust us, these products are very simple to put together so that they are safe for kids to play in.

So, if you know a child you think would like a plastic cubby house (are there any who wouldn’t?) and you’d like to pay less than the recommended retail price for a safe product with a guarantee of excellence, then you’ve come to the right place.

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