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Education & Childcare Needs

Educational Toys for Australia’s Imaginative Kids

We sell educational toys Australia-wide for kids of all ages. At PlaySafe Kids, we have a large selection of blocks, activities and puzzles to spark the young mind and foster creativity, imagination and encourage positive interaction between the child and their family, friends and teachers.

What sort of toys can I find at PlaySafe?

Our educational toys for 2 year old kids includes a number of balancing tools like bridges, beams, squares and tracks which improve hand-eye coordination skills, concentration levels and teach kids to focus on their balance technique.  

Our puzzles teach children how to apply their mind to solve a particular problem and we have some that teach the kids about different colours and numbers. 

The Measure Me mirror also calls attention to numbers and is a useful tool for kids to practice their addition and subtraction skills. A great idea with this project is to get them to measure themselves and their siblings and friends on a regular basis, and then asking them to work out how much each person has grown since their last measurement was recorded. 

The PlaySafe Kids educational toys range also includes modular physical training sets, and the very practical Teeth with Toothbrush set which teaches them about effective mouth hygiene. Save on future dentist bills by getting your kids to play with that on a daily basis! At PlaySafe, we are passionate about providing the Australian public with amazing products that will enrich the lives of children. Our educational toys are the perfect combination of pleasure and practicality, so the pre-schoolers can enjoy themselves while also learning valuable life skills that will serve them well in the future.

Make learning fun!

So, if you’re after educational toys for children in Sydney, Australia then we have what you want! Scroll through all our wonderful products online and enjoy purchasing a quality item that is safe, fun and a great learning tool, offered at the very best price. For more information on our products including kitchen playsets, climbers and seesaws, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service team.

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