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Metal Swing Sets

Metal Swing Sets and Trampolines – The Perfect Backyard

PlaySafe Kids Offer the perfect outdoor play equipment to entertain your children all day long. Buy online today for great prices.
PlaySafe Kids supplies ideal outdoor play equipment for kids to keep them entertained all day long. At PlaySafe Kids, you will get a metal swing set with single unit, 2 units, 3 units, 4 units and 6 units respectively. These swing sets are made up of galvanized frame and stainless steel screws which last longer and allow kids to gain unlimited hours of playtime. What’s more, these single swing sets, 2 & 3 unit swing set is non-welded that gives better safety for kids. Browse the section and check out awesome swing sets, we are sure you will get one for your kid that’s gentle on your hip pocket.

Get your kids playing outside

Getting the kids outside doesn’t only give you a break from entertaining, it’s also vital for their mental and physical health. Getting outside in the sun gives your child that necessary Vitamin D, while moving around gets their muscles working. Stop your children from being locked up inside on their gadgets and fit your backyard with exceptional toys, equipment and more! From colourful cubbies to toys for education uses, we’ve got such a terrific range, you’re sure to find something you and the kids love.

Making your backyard more exciting

All our swing sets and trampolines are thoroughly researched and tested before stocking them to ensure your child is safe and secure during playtime. We want children to expand their imagination and express their exceptional creativity. This is why we stock a huge range of leading brands from Australia and overseas, leaving you spoilt for choice on colourful, quality toys and equipment.
Take a look at our latest supply of outdoor toys and order something that your children can enjoy for hours. If you have any queries about our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

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