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Ride - ons & Wagons

Ride on Toys for Toddlers and Kids

At PlaySafe Kids, we have an absolutely massive range of kids ride on toys from cars to scooters to push bikes and rollercoasters. We offer everything you need to provide even the most energetic child with tons of entertainment, day after day after day. 

Our ride on toys are wonderful for growing toddlers. Children just love driving their very own vehicles as it makes them feel all grown up, independent and responsible! And then there’s all the fun and excitement they get from zipping around on their safe and secure new mode of transport.

Our Great Range of Ride on Cars and Bikes

Our ride on cars, wagons, bikes, scooters, rollercoasters and toys cater for all ages from babies to young teenagers. So, whether you have a little toddler who just wants to be pulled around in a wagon, or a child that’s a bit older and ready to ride a bike or scooter on the footpath, PlaySafe Kids has the right product for you, and it’s available at a heavily discounted price. 

We’ve got everything you need to teach the little ones how to ride a bicycle and obey the road rules. We stock bikes with parent handles so kids learning to ride feel comfortable while going through the process, and we have traffic lights and signs to make them aware of what to take notice of when they are out in the street. Our toys are doubly as good because they’re not just fun, they are educational too.

What’s on offer:

  • Scooters
  • Cozy coupes
  • Kids bikes
  • Canopy wagons
  • Roller coaster Tracks
  • Traffic lights
  • Zippy go riders
  • Cappy coasters
  • Cozy cruisers
  • Extreme roller coasters
  • … And more.

But don’t take our word for it, just scroll on underneath this text and you’ll be able to see exactly what we mean when we say we have a gigantic variety of fantastic ride on toys for kids!

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