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Rockers & Seesaws

Playsafe Kids has a vast collection of rockers and seesaws for small children attaining 12 months of age and above. These rockers give little kids with a rocking chair effect which kids enjoy a lot. These rockers are obtainable in many shapes that resemble various animals like horse, giraffe, elephant, pony etc.; additionally they are also available in shapes resembling sea creatures like fish and even resembling an automobile such as a motorcycle.

Playsafe Kids also has an array of seesaws that accommodate 2 kids, 3 kids and 4 kids; for instance, Children’s Rotating Seesaw is perfect for 2 kids to use at once; cute crab seesaw is ideal for 3 kids to use at once; and animal face seesaw that enable 4 kids to use at once.

At Playsafe Kids, you get rockers and seesaws at incredible rates! Browse the section to get hold of that perfect rocker or seesaw for your kid.

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