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Rockers & Seesaws

Rocking Pony Toys for Toddlers and Kids

PlaySafe Kids has a vast collection of rockers and seesaws for children as young as 12 months. Rockers and seesaws are quite long lasting in terms of use for growing children. We have a number of products that can last a toddler long into their young tween years. The durable plastic (or, in some cases, wooden) frames are durable and, with considerate use, may last to see your kids’ kids!

Our rockers give little kids the full rocking chair effect, without unnecessary concern for their safety, which is pleasing for kids and parents alike. These rockers are available in many shapes and sizes that resemble various animals — horses, giraffes, elephants, ponies and many more — additionally they are also available in shapes resembling sea creatures, like fish and crabs, and even come shaped as automobiles, like motorbikes.

Your child’s newest rocking toy for endless adventure

Our rocking pony toys are a best seller for autonomous toddler play and come in four vibrant colours. Have your little munchkin choose their favourite tone and see the benefits to their balance and coordination emerge as they play.

Our Children’s Rotating Seesaw is popular among older children as they can control the direction and pace at which they rock. This product is recommended for kids under the age of eleven years.

PlaySafe Kids also has an array of seesaws that accommodate 2 kids, 3 kids and 4 kids. For instance, the Children’s Rotating Seesaw is perfect for 2 kids to use at once; our cute crab seesaw is ideal for 3 kids to use at once; and the animal face seesaw enables use for 4 kids at once.

Great prices on safe and tested toys

At PlaySafe Kids, you will get rockers and seesaws at incredible rates! We are committed to providing you with the most cost-effective, value-for-money and highly safety-conscious products so that you don’t break the bank and your child doesn’t break their leg!

Browse our selection of rocking chairs and toys to get a hold of that perfect rocker or seesaw for your child and their play mates but don’t wait — our stock is constantly changing to include the latest in safe kids’ toys and play equipment.

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